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Our offices are dedicated to sensitively, yet assertively, addressing all issues related to your divorce in the uncompromising protection of your rights and interests.
Our offices fully represent clients from Petition filing through Judgment. We also appear by way of Limited Scope representation in consideration of each client's given circumstances.
The Law Offices of Charles E. Lozano Legal Services

​Full Service Representation

Mr. Lozano and his experienced staff handle matters from the filing of the initial Petition until the entry of the Judgment with the court. He appears for all hearings and trial matters to ensure that your position is vociferously conveyed to the court.

Limited Scope Representation

Mr. Lozano welcomes clients who need an experienced voice before the court yet may not be capable of full representation. Limited Scope representation is a benefit for clients that some attorneys do not offer. This service allows one to have an attorney advocate their position on the day of their hearing.

Who pays for the Attorney Fees?

Generally each party will pay attorney's fees out of community assets. However, when circumstances dictate, a court may order one spouse to pay for the other. Speak to Mr. Lozano about this important issue.


The termination of the marital relationship may lead to a number of complicated legal issues that, if not addressed correctly, may lead to further unforeseen dilemmas far exceeding the conclusion of your divorce. Ones rights and/or duties to dissolution can be compromised and adversely affected if not appropriately addressed to the court. Our offices provide the experience and skill to address all matters to a dissolution, whether by way of settlement or by proceeding aggressively before the court. Mr. Lozano provides the best Los Angeles divorce mediation.

Child Custody and Visitation

The custody and visitation of the children to the marriage is of primary concern to the court. Sensitivity, compassion and understanding must be utilized in all issues surrounding the children. Mr. Lozano is highly sought after as a child custody attorney in Los Angeles, becuase he fights with vigor in regards all needs associated with the children with empathetic consideration towards their best interests.


Child and Spousal support must be commensurate with a number of factors considered by the court. Such factors in determining child support include an examination of the parties' incomes and time spent with the children. The court considers a number of intricate factors and circumstances when determining spousal support. The presentation made to the court is key in getting a successful result in support awards whether it is to get an amount commensurate with their needs or whether it is to not be ordered to unreasonably overpay.

Division of Property

To determine equitable division of property, an accurate disclosure of assets and debts must be set forth. Evidence gathering called "Discovery" is needed to prepare for hearing or trial. Houses, cars, businesses, furniture, pensions, retirements, insurance and pets are a fraction of the issues to consider in appropriate division of marital property. Our offices work to ensure both fairness and rights are being met for our clients.

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders for domestic violence and abuse are made in the Family Court. Many questions arise in restraining order matters such as who should move out of the home, how can I meet my financial concerns, who is going to have the custody rights to our children, and how will I remain protected? Our offices are experienced in addressing your critical concerns during such a confusing period.

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